Aug 15th 2016

Beginning today I join the team at the Davey Tree Expert Company

Why? So I can offer you more solutions with the support of a legendary tree care company
that’s been a pioneer in service and science since 1880.
Along with expert tree pruning and removal services
Davey has a Plant Health Care program tailored
for your tree and shrub needs. These services include:

  • subsurface fertilization

  • pest and disease management

  • stump grinding

  • lawn care

Additionally, I now have access to the Davey Institute, an industry leading diagnostic and research facility.  

My promise is still the same:
To give you a carefree experience that leaves you feeling confident.
It’s also backed by the DaveyCare℠ guarantee,
which guarantees an opportunity for our clients to rate our tree service and improve how we serve you.
We’re committed to:

•             A reputation you can count on
•             Expert advice you understand
•             Premium value for your money
You’ve trusted me for years. Thank you.
I’ll always be your go-to arborist.
Please join me in joining Davey. It will be worth it.
Let me know if you have any questions and please share your thoughts. 

Have a good one,
Matt Allen
Board Certified Master Arborist

Davey Tree Expert Co. 
503-473-5899 direct
503-205-6383 office