Trusted By Trees

Our promise is the same as always:

To give you a simple, professional and carefree experience that leaves you feeling confident. 


Healthy trees=healthy neighborhoods. 

Healthy neighborhoods=happier people. 

Happier people=goodness. 

Do your good. 


Any questions? Please email Matt at matt@matthewstree.com

Matt is a ISA Board Certified Master Arborist #2695BT




Why tree preservation? 

Trees play a critical role in our air quality, urban temperature, crime reduction and our quality of living. 


People and other living things need trees. We need them today, tomorrow and for generations. It's that simple. 


Trees define our neighborhood, where we live, work and play.  

Matthews Tree Care is a locally owned and community minded company.

We look forward to developing a lasting relationship with you and your trees.