Trees are important.  

They give character to our city and neighborhoods. They give us sweet moments in their shade or shelter from the rain. They clean the air, control storm water, and remove toxins from the soil. We often don't think about them. But, there they are quietly doing their part for the ecosystem. 

As a steward,  I offer highly rated tree pruning and preservation services. I use modern arboriculture practices to help trees thrive in our urban environment.


Practices and Service

I specialize in tree preservation. 

Pruning- important for structural development and maintenance of tree anatomy.

 Consulting- I help property owners with reports to satisfy city requirements with development and construction projects. 

Diagnosis-discovering what ails a tree and looking for a solution.

Soil Care- a tree is only as good as the soil. Adding elements and increasing biological activity is beneficial.

Removal- Trees have a life span and can pose a threat. Removal is a last resort. 



Matthew Allen 

Founder, Writer & Tree Lover 

ISA Board Certified Master Arborist


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